Breakfast with Prince April 30, 2016


This morning has been a Prince all-encompassing morning. I spent my Saturday morning listening to interviews, reviews documentaries about Prince – Prince Rogers Nelson. It was definitely not on the lists of things to do but seeing a short clip of his latest live performance on Facebook drew me to his presence in a meaningful way. It made me wanted to know more, schedule a Prince micro adventure and minimize my Saturday chores.

As a Caribbean teenager in the 1980’s I did not pay much attention to him, perhaps I am weird or was fizzy-brained then. His sexuality then, perhaps was dismissed not thought of at the time. His presence then to me was he was just an infinitely weird rock star who wore; makeup, high heeled shoes, flashy clothes and permed his hair.  Of course, there would have been some who would vociferously discredit his “dysfunction” and let it be heard or even call him a baffling eccentric. For me looking back, we would have even thought he had a gender confusion or looked even alien.

When you heard his music all that was dismissed you enjoyed his music, his lyrics were catchy it made and still makes us sing get up and dance.  His presence now; a man who seemed to shed persona’s and had a knack for it, he looks sexy, alluring, vulnerable, adored, stunning. A man who had a thing for beautiful women. A man who had passion and made others feel it. His cerebral pursuits are celebrated; he took himself seriously.

Prince’s image and his songs conjure a powerful emotion/reality of the 1980’s. I will go a step further to say they are nostalgic as they present a mixed feeling of the happiness and freedom of the young and the sadness of age and death as he is no longer with us. However, I would not say it stirs or evokes a longing to recall any particular moment in the 1980’s.

I would not say I am a star worshiper, a fan or someone who followed his career. “Purple Rain” the song he sang and” Nothing Compares to you” the song he wrote for Sinead O’Connor is inevitably felt with much sentimentality; it is definitely a preserve of the old that you do not mind recalling; it has a hook. Isn’t music always nostalgic? We like it, we are familiar with it, we connect with perhaps a person place or event. Prince did just that for us he was happy to perfect his craft and that perfection evokes a response in his audience, fans.  Yes! Yes! Yes! I know nostalgia can be a vortex that distorts a true picture but nevertheless the iconic artist, the prolific writer, the musician engages us in life and continues in his death.

The resurrection of his memory provides the means of moving through time and leave me with some of his memorable words perhaps he may have borrowed them but nonetheless they are worth listening to:

“How can anyone of us grow if we just thread water.

Something about having people around that give you support

Take your craft seriously.

What people say about you is usually a reflection of who they are

It is always a right time to do the right thing

God is my creator without him nothing works. It works to a point then entropy takes place.”

Yes, spending my Saturday this way, with Prince, led to an endorphin-fuelled introspection.



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Welcome Back April 27, 2016




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We have Now. September 2, 2015



We have forever to appreciate nature.
We have now to read and enjoy and experience each other.
We have now to pray.
We have now to appreciate.
We have now to remember.
 We have now to learn and be inspired and to experience God.
We have now to understand and reflect and smile.
We have now … though distant … to love.

Excerpt from “A Birthday Poem” By Enrique A. McCartney Copyright

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My Sugar Cake Cravings! September 18, 2009

sugar cake plate

For days or it may be weeks I had a mild desire to consume sugar cake/coconut cake. Well yesterday this desire was upgraded from mild to intense. While I was pinning for sugar cake my mind raced back to my Primary School days. I use to make a detour to Miss Grace Shop to buy sugar cake at 5cents EC (Eastern Caribbean Currency) a piece.

Some researchers state that some food cravings are when the body is deficient in a particular nutrient, mineral or vitamin or it can be associated with pregnancy. Researchers further reveal that food cravings are common in 60% of the population. While it is believed that cravings in males are associated with being hungry, cravings in woman are related to emotional state (emotions like stress or boredom).

Well I had to go to some lengths to satisfy this craving for coconut cake. I went to a well known candy shop and paid two (United States/Bahamian) dollars for my sugar cake … talk about inflation! Upon purchasing the sugar cake I realized that coconut meat had to be contaminated. I was so upset that I had to fling it in the garbage. On my way home yesterday I stopped at the food store and purchase a coconut; after breaking it I found that it was spoiled. As we say back home ‘come hell or high water’ (by any means) I had to have my sugar cake.

I returned to the food store and closely examined the four remaining dry coconuts (endocarp) with no outer fibers (coir) attached I discovered that the germination pore (three circles on top of the nut) was filled with mold. However, I was urged to crack one open by the cashier – when I did the coconut meat (albuminous endosperm) was brilliant white but the water was not sweet. In fact the water was light brown and it had no aerated feel but it was not yet bitter. I registered my concern but the other cashiers insisted that given the white of the coconut meat it was good. I conceded and left.

Well to curb my sugar cake desire I began to separate the parts that had been not so white and improvise and set off on the task ahead. After the grating of the coconut, the boiling of the coconut,  some vanilla extract, nutmeg and a pinch of ginger out came the sugar cake. Then there were the compliments, the increase in my blood glucose, and the release of my b-endorphins. My 9,000 taste buds were delighted and I was truly satisfied.

Some say that most woman experience guilt after satisfying their cravings. Well GULITY I am not. For the sugar cake was my love molecule. Suzane Giesemnan author of ‘Conquer Your Cravings’ said when we give in to our cravings one will immediately feel better but the effect is temporary and will return again and never satisfied. We will see as greatly rewarded am I.

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Beautiful Grey September 15, 2009

photographed by Monica Meade

photographed by Monica Meade

There is something about stormy/ hurricane-like weather that makes the child in me return. I usually get excited watching the waves bash against the coastline as the sand disappears. The sound of the ‘pitter patter’ of the rain drops beat gracefully against the frosted glaze of the car windows.  This morning as I drove along the western coast enroute to work  I could not resist the urge to take it all in. I rolled down the car glass as the rain gently kisses my body and soothes my skin. For some this grey day is inhospitable as it triggers regretful sighs. For me, this rainy day instills awe and thankfulness. For me days like this indicate a beginning, a sign of a good fortune and a gift to treasure. As the seagulls gather noisily and wander just above the rush of the waves a warm feeling inside me swells, and at the same time this weather represents the quintessential British life that I miss.

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September 11 September 11, 2009

Photographed by Monica Meade

Photographed by Monica Meade

This moment, this day, eight years on the date September 11, 2001 still has resonance today in 2009. Listening and watching the events replay the memories still remain vivid.

As we remember those who died that day let us console ourselves with thinking; good-bye’s and hello’s are a part of the same cycle. Let us be thankful for our lives and those moments that have made us stronger and give us lessons that we need to learn.

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Results September 9, 2009


The incoming leader of Montserrat along with the authorization from the Governor of Montserrat has declared today as one day public holiday.  .Increasingly in the Caribbean there is a called for this extra ordinary day off for the people to rest or celebrate and for the new Government to prepare for business.

The census shows that there were 3,516 registered voters. Among those registered 2,297 voted. As we rest anticipating new leadership, let us remember we are all have apart to play.

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Election Day September 8, 2009


Okay, well … today is Election Day in the Island of Montserrat. For days I have waited expectantly wishing it would come quickly. If you ask anyone who knows me I may be one of the most patriotic people they know. Yet when it comes to politics as far as I am concerned right now I am disillusioned

There is a radio show called the ‘Pit.’ it is a platform for the Political candidates to speak and for public to call in and ask questions. For me it was a revelation about how much I did not know about what was and is going on in my island. Suffice it to say that many things have gone unnoticed. Do not get me wrong there is some good that has been happening but to me the radio show was usually used to highlight the weakness of the candidates … but I guess that is the nature of politics.

Some of the candidates seem to lack integrity. Okay, I believe that the past is the past – and this is not a blog to cast judgment; but are we the only people in the world that allow this type of thing to happen?  My Lord, what a democratic process we have!  Have we become a nation that is content to overlook the public wrong that has been done and give the wrongdoers a new status as an Honourable Member of Parliament?  It seems as if the elections are serving as a breeding ground for a crooked and perverse generation. On the other hand, I guess like the people who came to Jesus to be baptized in Mathew Chapter 3, God can use very unlikely people as messengers.

We await the decisions that the people have made – but going forth there is need for truthfulness in legislation.

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The moment September 6, 2009

Photgraphed by Coretta Johnson

Photgraphed by Coretta Johnson

The Moment


A purple flower

Left by her lover

Delivered in response to her letter

A few days earlier

Pt 2

The lone figure

Lay poised and beautifully adorned

Along the peaceful meadow

His return seems like forever

But he was waiting for dawn

Poem by Brenda L. McCartney

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Visions September 5, 2009

Photograped by Corretta Johnson

Photograped by Corretta Johnson

The dust of my emotions

Blow on the high heels of my vision

Web-like, tangled


Rise up


Breath  life

The flower

Poem by Brenda McCartney

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